How COVID-19 Has Affected Your Eyes

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Eyecare is an important requirement, and most people took it for granted for a long time. Through the pandemic, we implemented various safety measures to allow clients to get the help and assistance they need. Through the pandemic, people were not open to meeting one another in person, so we created processes for them to feel safe and comfortable with their visit, to get the assistance they needed to get through the process.

We are unsure about the changes taking place but saw many of these sticking around for the months to come. Over the next six months, we foresee a limited capacity to see patients and limited hours to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

While we have already been working reduced hours and keeping up with lockdown rules and other changes, we were unsure about how we would get through the process. We have fewer days during which doctors see patients. Additionally, our office hours are also slightly shorter. Ours is not a business that we can handle remotely, so we had to make sure that everyone was coming into the store or the clinic and had to implement safety procedures additionally above that.

Some changes came about because of COVID, and we were finding it difficult to keep up with them. We had to make sure that we were getting through them all if we wanted to keep up. Wearing masks made it difficult for many when they shop for glasses, mainly because masks alter the final appearance of frames on faces. They found it challenging to take off their masks because of the rules, which could deter many from getting through the process.

We also had to change the way that we were communicating with one another. Before implementing the COVID rules, we would meet and talk to one another in person. People would walk into the store and communicate with us as well. Now we were making changes to that and had to talk to the majority of our clients online. We were working on increasingly more communication via phone calls, along with emails instead of face-to-face conversations. However, we could only get the work we wanted at the office and could not have people working remotely to assist with the changes that were taking place. Due to the pandemic, we needed to increase the sanitizing machines and supplies in the office space. We had to have the area cleaned often and common areas sanitized, which was another new change that we had to get used to. When it comes to the number of people coming to the office, we currently set it at four people. If we have more clients entering, we make sure that we have timed their entrances so they are not overlapping to maintain all the CDC rules.

All surfaces and machines where patients come in contact with are sanitized immediately after each use. After our clients try out some frames, we place them in a UV sterilizer before putting them back on display. Air purifiers are always running during office hours. We regularly sanitize common touchpoints and frequently visited places.

With us already working from the office and not remotely, we are open to meeting our clients in person. Some of our clients are open to meeting us in person, and we work with them. Currently, we are not traveling to get through meetings, and we handle them all at our office. We have many of these meetings set up at the office and have to time them to make sure we have time between to clear and clean to prepare for the next one. Others would prefer the phone or a virtual meeting over anything else, and we are more than happy to work with them to get through the process. We work with them on Zoom or other platforms that they prefer. While we are fans of Zoom and Google Meet, we work with platforms that our clients prefer to get through. We enjoy taking part in virtual public events and Business Expos and are more than happy to do more of these.

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